Finish Strong With Fearless Faith


January 14, 2024 Fearless Faith Season 4 Episode 114
Finish Strong With Fearless Faith
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Show Notes

The beginning of a New Year always brings more people to the gym.  In fact, many New Year’s resolutions involve eating right, dropping a few pounds and working out more.  People feel like the new year gives them a “fresh start.”  

On this edition of Finish Strong, you’ll learn that there is something known as the “Fresh Start Effect,” which helps people dissociate with their past performance outcomes from their current ones.  You’ll learn how this can help you get in shape spiritually as well as physically.  You’ll learn some tips about eating right, exercise discipline, setting goals and learning to push yourself.  You will also discover how these same areas apply to your spiritual life when it comes getting fit spiritually.

Let’s start the New Year off right so we can pursue our ultimate goal to finish our lives strong!

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