Finish Strong With Fearless Faith

Solomon's Secret Weapon #115

January 28, 2024 Fearless Faith Season 4 Episode 115
Finish Strong With Fearless Faith
Solomon's Secret Weapon #115
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Show Notes

Solomon became the King of Israel at the age of fifteen.  He realized that he needed a lot of help to rule over the nation.  God appeared to him in a dream when he was at Gibeon and said, “What do you want?  Ask and I will give it to you!”  Solomon didn’t ask for riches or a long life.  Instead, he asked for wisdom.  The Lord was pleased with Solomon’s answer and he gave him wisdom along with riches and honor.

It is important to note that Solomon did not ask God for knowledge or understanding.  He asked for wisdom.  What is the difference?  Many people don’t know.  In this episode of Finish Strong, we discuss the important differences.  We will share Biblical examples of Godly wisdom and explore why wisdom is essential for anyone who wants to Finish Strong in life.

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