Finish Strong With Fearless Faith

Hidden Dangers of the New Age #52

May 02, 2022 Fearless Faith Season 2 Episode 52
Finish Strong With Fearless Faith
Hidden Dangers of the New Age #52
Show Notes

The New Age movement gained tremendous momentum around the world in the early 1980’s and it has grown in its scope and influence ever since.  The belief is that our world is about to enter a New Age that will be filled with peace, prosperity and unity.

New Age practices and beliefs combine eastern mysticism with psychology and physics.  It’s goal is for individuals to get in touch with their “higher self” and help to raise “world consciousness” to save the planet.  The ultimate goal of this movement is a one world currency, a one world government and a one world religion. 

The “higher self” concept teaches that we can all be our own god if we get the proper knowledge.  In other words, it is the same lie that satan used in the garden of Eden when he told Adam and Eve that surely would not die if they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.  For then they would be like God.

 Brian, Dan and Terry explore this dangerous movement in this week’s episode or Finish Strong.  They will help you stay alert as many are being deceived even inside the church.

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