Finish Strong With Fearless Faith

Joy: Our Secret Weapon! #57

June 13, 2022 Finish Strong Season 2 Episode 57
Finish Strong With Fearless Faith
Joy: Our Secret Weapon! #57
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IN 1988, Bobby McFerrin recorded a smash hit record called Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  It won Song of the Year!  People love the idea of a life free of worry but filled with happiness.  Very few people, however, seem to obtain it.  In fact, most people who spend their time pursuing happiness end up disappointed and depressed.  Why is this?  Happiness is temporary and shows briefly on the face but joy is long-lasting and resides in the soul.

Terry, Brian and Dan explore the differences between happiness and joy in this edition of Finish Strong.  The Bible says, “The JOY of the Lord is my strength!”  There is a BIG difference between joy and happiness.  Give a listen and learn how to truly let go of worry and be JOYFUL even in these difficult times.


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