Finish Strong With Fearless Faith

Football, Finance &Faith with Jim Czirr #106

October 08, 2023 Fearless Faith / Jim Czirr Season 3 Episode 106
Finish Strong With Fearless Faith
Football, Finance &Faith with Jim Czirr #106
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Show Notes

“Every day you get better or you get worse.  You never stay the same!”  Those words from legendary football coach Bo Schembechler had a profound impact on Jim Czirr in the summer of 1972.  It was his first football practice at the University of Michigan and he decided that he was going to get better every day.   At the conclusion of his senior season, he was the only unanimous selection to the Big Ten All Conference team.  Jim was drafted by the Denver Broncos but decided not to play professional football when a physical revealed he had a serious problem with a vertebra in his back.

The same tenacity and will to win that helped him succeed in football, however, translated into the business world.  He excelled in finance and business development.  Jim co-founded companies in the fields of therapeutics, Bio Tech and others.  Recently, his love for America has led him to the “Sign 1776 Project.”  This movement is calling our country’s leaders to uphold the principles found in The Declaration of Independence.

Through it all, Jim’s Christian faith has guided and sustained him.  In this podcast, he shares with you the most important lessons he learned on his journey to Finish Strong!

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